About RDA Gold Coast

 RDA Gold Coast is a not-for-profit, community-based organisation, with a volunteer Committee drawn from local government, the private sector, education and the community.

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The Committee works within the Gold Coast Local Government Area and its role is to:

  • support regional planning across all levels of government
  • work with the community to identify and take action on critical economic, social and environmental issues
  • provide advice to local communities and government on programs and services which will help develop new opportunities in the region
  • contribute to business growth and investment plans, environmental solutions and social inclusion strategies.


RDA Gold Coast builds relationships across all spheres of government, the private sector and the community. Local stakeholders are encouraged to work with the Committee on priority areas for the Gold Coast such as: creating jobs and developing skills; building inclusive communities; developing more creative and affordable housing options; improving town planning and other regulatory processes; developing appropriate infrastructure; and attracting new industry and investment.

By mobilising local resources, the Committee is a key catalyst for sustainable development in the Gold Coast region, as well as an important advocate for the community. The Committee also works in cooperation with the neighbouring South-East Queensland and northern NSW RDA Committees on projects and initiatives with cross-regional benefits.

Join the RDA Committee

Committee members are able to use their skills and experience to work with others bringing together a variety of views, interests and expertise. Members have a shared sense of purpose and are part of a team which is seeking to improve the economic prosperity for our region by increasing the investment in infrastructure and business activity to improve productivity and employment in the region.

Talk to our RDA Committee Chair or Executive Officer and find out about the priorities for our region, how we are working to find solutions, the commitment required of Committee members and how you could contribute your skills and experience.

Further information is available in the Information Booklet and Code of Conduct and Ethics.

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