Future Gold Coast Posted on February 13, 2015

‘Beyond the Horizon’ – Bernard Salt


The Beyond the Horizon report provides for the Gold Coast a 100-year insight from 1950, but more importantly from now to 2050. The report builds on the current strategies of the City of Gold Coast and opportunities for the city.

The Beyond the Horizon report is part of a 12-month project of Regional Development Australia (RDA) Gold Coast, sponsored by the City of Gold Coast and the Gold Coast business leaders listed below.

Report findings  (download the full report below)


By 2050, it is estimated the population of the Gold Coast will double, to reach 1.2 million(including Tweed region).

As a result, there will be an accelerated need for infrastructure compared to previous years.

To 2036, there will be strong growth across all age groups on the Coast … but the most intense pressure will come in the youth and retired segments.

There will be a shift to 2050 from unskilled workers to skilled workers – primarily in health, professional services and education.

The city will require a cultural shift to accommodate further growth in healthcare, further education, wellness, financial services, volunteering, travel and aged care.

Lifestyle and entrepreneurialism will continue to shape the future of the Gold Coast but as it grows, the city will require more… it must also evolve as a knowledge city.

In an effort to evolve as a knowledge-based city, the Gold Coast should focus on the following areas towards 2050:

  • Footloose enterprises eg sports organisations
  • Next generation businesses eg health research facilities
  • Government relocations eg tourism, health
  • Latest business models eg shopping centres, medical procedures
  • New infrastructure eg NBN roll out, airport expansion
  • Organic and population growth  


We need to manage:

the north/south crush to prevent “precinctisation” (segregation of suburbs)  

  • our social cohesion
  • our connectivity, with improvements to infrastructure
  • our safety and security
  • our reliance on the Brisbane job market
  • our entrepreneurial culture

We need to seek new opportunities in:

  • health and property sectors
  • the knowledge economy
  • the next generation of business eg robotics, education
  • creation of iconic architecture and public spaces

The outcomes of this will be:

  • a shift in thinking so the community is positive about its future
  • the creation of iconic cultural facilities
  • research schools that are well recognised
  • a knowledge-based workforce that chooses its lifestyle
  • a city that transforms as a result of iconic projects eg Cultural Precinct  

Next steps

RDA Gold Coast together with City of Gold Coast and KPMG, will be conducting a number of road shows in Australia and overseas to communicate the key findings of this report in order to promote a better understanding of the Gold Coast and to attract future investment.

The roadshows will take place in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, China and the UAE. 

Visit the Future Gold Coast website for more information and video www.futuregoldcoast.com.au

Thanks to 91.7 ABC Gold Coast Drive presenter Matt Webber, we have access to his program that featured the report on Feb 12th. Here’s the link: https://soundcloud.com/abc-gold-coast/what-will-the-gold-coast-look-like-in-2050-panel-futuregc

For further information contact:

Ian Pritchard, Executive Officer, 0431 402 919 eo@rdagoldcoast.org.au



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