Gold Coast Skills Shortage Study Posted on November 20, 2013

RDA Gold Coast (RDAGC) are pleased to present the ‘Gold Coast Labour Force Capability and Futures Assessment  - October 2013’.

RDAGC worked with the City of Gold Coast (CoGC) and this report was undertaken and produced by SGS Economics & Planning.

Early in 2013, RDAGC determined that a report on skills shortage as it affects the Gold Coast would be welcomed. A similar report had not been produced for some years. RDAGC intended to make their final report publicly available.

RDAGC and the CoGC collaborated to build upon a body of work commenced for Council by SGS to to produce the report to include detailed scenario analysis and forecasting. The resultant report demonstrates the realised synergy of RDA and Council collaboration

The purpose of the project was to undertake an assessment of the Gold Coast labour market environment and the future skills requirements, having regard to:

  • existing and likely skills shortages to emerge over the next 10 years based on the Gold Coast’s economic direction
  • expected rise of new andemerging industries
  • future trends and scenarios in how, where and who people work for
  • likely occupation and skills requirements based on infrastructure projects and likely city building outcomes relating to the light rail, Commonwealth Games, Cultural Precinct etc
  • future business and industry needs and requirements (i.e. private and public sector)
  • how to compete in a competitive global environment for skilled labour


The scope of works included


  • Reviewing literature on the labour force environment
  • Using already established baseline data for CoGC; deriving and testing scenarios on alternative skills and occupational paths. Including scenarios that involve skills shortages, new/emerging industries and occupational requirements
  • Consulting with relevant stakeholders to report the issues, challenges and opportunities within the labour market environment; and
  • Evaluating and assessing current policies and initiative to address potential skills shortages
  • Providing recommendations on courses of action (skills/occupation/employment) for all stakeholders to ensure the Gold Coast has the ability to service forecasted educational/skills requirements that will be crucial for regional economic prosperity.
  • Providing recommendations on skills shortage policy including options for all stakeholders


You can obtain a copy of the report by clicking here or please contact our office at


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