RDA Roadmap points the way to a better Gold Coast Posted on June 7, 2011

RDA Gold Coast has released its Regional Roadmap, a clear and practical plan for economic and social development which points the way forward to a thriving and dynamic Gold Coast region.

RDA Gold Coast Chair Craig Devlin said the Regional Roadmap was not a “top down” government-imposed regional plan, but rather, a “grass roots” community vision, developed by the Committee through an extensive consultation process with local community, business and government stakeholders.

The Roadmap identifies current issues and challenges for the Gold Coast, and outlines seven focus areas for action, considered critical to the region’s future development and prosperity:

  1. Economic diversity: Attracting new and emerging industries, encouraging growth and diversification of existing industries.

  2. Infrastructure: Encouraging infrastructure to support growth 

  3. Town planning: Encouraging streamlined and improved processes to support new economic activity whilst ensuring a high quality built environment.

  4. Affordable housing: Influencing development of innovative and creative housing options that are more affordable.

  5. Community: Collaborating to build strong, inclusive and supportive communities.

  6. Education/Training: Encouraging increased education and training opportunities especially in the key sectors of health, information technology and environmental management.

  7. De-regulation: Facilitating discussions to reduce difficult regulatory processes and provide incentives to encourage growth and development. 

Mr Devlin said the Committee will work as a “catalyst for progress” in these areas by engaging with and bringing together regional stakeholders to work on common goals.

“We can’t achieve these goals in isolation. Rather, RDA Gold Coast provides the focal point for co-operation and communication between all levels of government, the business sector and the community on strategic priorities.”

He added that as well as providing an economic and social blueprint for the future, the Roadmap will provide a basis for identifying infrastructure priorities for the Gold Coast region.

“The Australian Government is providing almost one billion dollars in infrastructure funding to regions over the next five years under the Regional Development Australia Fund,” he said.

“RDA Gold Coast plays an important ‘on the ground’ role in this fund, as all potential projects for the Gold Coast need to align with one or more of the priorities in the Regional Roadmap, and must have the Committee’s endorsement in order to be eligible for funding.”

To download the Regional Roadmap document, click here.


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