RDA Gold Coast attend Queensland Plan Summit Posted on October 29, 2013

RDA Gold Coast Chairman, Craig Devlin, and Executive Officer, Ian Pritchard, recently joined hundreds of Queenslanders from a broad range of backgrounds and professions to discuss the future of Queensland at the Queensland Plan Brisbane Summit. 


 RDA Gold Coast's Craig Devlin (left) and Ian Pritchard (right) with Premier Campbell Newman 

The event - hosted by the Queensland State Government - aimed at getting insight from a broad cross-section of Queenslanders on the Queensland Plan feedback and working towards identifying a 30-year vision for the state.

After the contributions from all delegates were collated, a list of desired outcomes was identified at the summit and a top 10 was prioritised.

Top 10 priorities (not in any order)

  • Education that is flexible, affordable and accessible to all, including rural, remote and disadvantaged.
  • Communities that are well planned, well connected and engender community spirit.
  • Queensland being recognised as internationally competitive with an increase in exports/business especially in agriculture and ecotourism sectors.
  • Regions being attractive to study, work and live for bright minds and trained professionals.
  • Delivery of economic, social and community benefits through infrastructure.
  • A long term approach to planning and delivery of infrastructure.
  • The highest productivity rate in Australia with no skills shortage.
  • Investment and research into innovation in Queensland’s areas of strengths.
  • Centres of excellence attracting human capital and driving innovation.
  • An education model that leverages community and industry partnerships.


All outcomes will be used to develop The Queensland Plan.

A draft version of the plan will be prepared for release in November, with a final version of The Queensland Plan following in early 2014.

In a public statement following the event, Queensland Premier Campbell Newman said he was extremely excited for the future of his state.

“My vision for Queensland is one of great possibility and it is clear after the Brisbane Summit that we are united in this regard,” Premier Newman said.

“I look forward to working with you [people of Queensland] to make our vision a reality.”

Mr Devlin said he enjoyed his time at the Queensland Plan Summit and is happy that the Queensland government is focusing on more long-term prospects.

“I thought it was a great opportunity to get such diverse knowledge and opinions in one room, at one time and set aside all political agenda,” he said

“A lot of the time political strategies are too short term, it’s exciting to see Queensland looking so far into the future.”

“This is an opportunity for RDA Gold Coast to collaborate with the Queensland Government to assist in the development and implementation of the Queensland Plan”


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