RDA Gold Coast Regional Roadmap Launch 14 December 2011 Posted on December 1, 2011


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A cohesive approach and positivity is what’s needed to get the Gold Coast back on track - back to being Australia’s premier tourist destination and one of the most sought after addresses in the world. The Regional Development Australia Gold Coast ‘Roadmap’ is set to do just that.


On December 14th, RDA Gold Coast Chairman Craig Devlin unveiled the Roadmap at the official launch held at Metricon Stadium, to an audience of 180 representatives from government, business and the local community groups - a plan that identifies the needs and priorities of the region.


Over the last 30 years, the twin drivers of tourism and population growth have made the Gold Coast the sixth largest city in Australia. However, the recent economic downturn and strengthening Australian dollar has seen a dramatic drop in tourism presenting a major challenge for the Gold Coast, subsequently impacting on construction, hospitality and retail sectors.


But it’s time to stop being so negative. “Let’s focus on the things we can change” Mr Devlin said, calling upon local businessmen and residents to show their support and positivity in order for the city to have a prosperous future.

Confident of the positive opportunities available to the region and excited about the role of RDA Gold Coast in driving economic recovery of the city, Mr Devlin reiterated the three key priorities identified within the Roadmap; to create jobs, strengthen the community and enhance the lifestyle and environment.

“Our focus is to reinvigorate the Gold Coast through new education, business and lifestyle opportunities, and to reinforce the message that the Gold Coast is a great place to both visit and live” he said.


Special guest speaker and Gold Coast champion Grant Hackett, shared his experiences in overcoming adversity and focusing on the goal ahead.


“It is the tough times that bring out the best in people – both in sport and in business,” Mr Hackett said as he spoke of performing his personal best despite the worst setbacks of his career.


To drive economic recovery – a common focus is needed.  RDA Gold Coast has identified seven key opportunities for growth and development of the region and will be focused on supporting initiatives that align with these priorities.


Economic diversity, infrastructure, town planning, affordable housing, community, education and training, and de-regulation made the list.


Mr Devlin is excited about the role of RDA Gold Coast in leading the city to a greater future.  For a copy of the Roadmap visit www.rdagoldcoast.org.au.


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