RDA Gold Coast Welcomes Jetstar Direct Mackay Service Posted on March 13, 2014

Regional Development Australia (RDA) Gold Coast has welcomed Jetstar’s announcement that direct services between Gold Coast and Mackay will commence mid-year.

RDA Gold Coast Chairman, Craig Devlin said that this is a significant step in providing improved services to Gold Coast residents working in mining areas near Mackay.

RDA Gold Coast has collaborated with Gold Coast Airport, City of Gold Coast and KPMG to research the long distance commuter market and provide evidence to enable airlines to tailor services to suit the commuter’s needs.

Copy of the report prepared by Bernard Salt– ‘Analysis of the Gold Coast Long Distance Commuter Workforce, August 2013’ is available here.

Gold Coast Airport Chief Operating Officer, Paul Donovan, said Gold Coast and Mackay airports have been working collaboratively for some time to bring the service to fruition.

“We’ve known for some time that the numbers stack up for this service, the passenger demand is there, so we had a strong business case to take to the airlines.

“We also know that approximately 77,000 passengers utilising the Mackay- Brisbane service then on-travel to the Gold Coast annually.

“This new route will help satisfy a growth in demand for a direct connection from leisure, VFR (visiting friends and relatives) and FIFO (fly in fly out) markets.

“We look forward to working with both Jetstar and Mackay Airport to ensure the success of this service,” Mr Donovan said.

Resource Link GC Chair, Michael Binnie, said that the announcement by Jetstar and Gold Coast Airport is a positive result for the Gold Coast and our region.

“Resource Link GC welcomes the announcement by Jetstar that it will provide direct daily flights between Gold Coast and Mackay as it further supports our efforts to advance the Gold Coast as a regional hub for mining services.

“Resource Link GC, supported by all levels of government and local business, has been working to attract more activity to the Gold Coast from the mining and energy sector. It is clear the Gold Coast is gaining momentum in this space.

“In addition this will enable closer ties between the Gold Coast and Mackay communities which will benefit both regions.”

Mackay Airport General Manager, Rob porter, welcomed the new link with Gold Coast Airport.

“We have worked closely with Jetstar and Gold Coast Airport for some time to establish this service so we are really excited to see it take off. We are confident it will be well utilised by Gold Coast based mining personnel, people coming here to enjoy our beautiful region, catch up with family and friends or attend events in Mackay.”

This service will commence 28th June 2014 and will be operated by A320 aircraft providing an additional 131,400 seats per year between the two destinations.

For further information contact Ian Pritchard, Executive Officer, Regional Development Australia Gold Coast on 0431 402 919.





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