Regional Leaders' Forum Update Posted on November 22, 2012

The Regional Leaders' Forum has defined actions for RDA Gold Coast.

At the recent Regional leaders' forum hosted at RACV Royal Pines by RDA Gold Coast, over 200 business and community leaders, government representatives, not for profit leaders, and students, had their say in how they want the Gold Coast to be in the future.

This information has now been summarised in a handbook and can be downloaded here:


Assisted by facilitator, Saleena Ham or Right Connections, participants had the opportunity to speak openly about their vision for the Gold Coast and what they see as the issues.

Numerous key subjects emerged from the forum and these issues have been consolidated into ten areas of interest:

1. Education and alternative learning centres

2. Positive image and branding

3. Communications and technology

4. Long term planning, natural assets and planning issues

5. Arts, culture, sport and events

6. Public transport

7. Employment and diversification of the economic base

8. Social inclusion

9. Housing

10. Tourism


RDA Gold Coast is able to effect and facilitate change across these areas by acting as a thought leader and collaborating with three levels of government and influencing decision makers, as well as informing Australian Government of the regions priorities.

Within each of these key subjects, many issues were raised by particpants and RDA Gold Coast has chosen key issues where either it can influence action or where there is not signifcant acting beling performed by other bodies.

 How can you be involved?

Over the next few months, RDA Gold Coast will be running a series of workshops and forums in the following areas:

  • National Broadband Network/ Digital Economy/ Co-working
  • Light Rail - Future Opportunities
  • Commonwealth Games
  • Affordable Housing
  • Social Inclusion/ Health
  • Accessible Tourism
  • Cross Border Business Facilitation


In addition to these events, RDA Gold Coast will also carry out projects in the following areas:

  • Skills shortage study
  • FIFO (fly in/ fly out)
  • Southport urban development


If you would like to be involved in any of these initiatives email or call (07) 5583 5095.


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