Budget 2017 Posted on May 10, 2017

RDA Gold Coast has welcomed the 2017 Federal Budget and the continued support of the RDA Committees program.

Last night the Hon Barnaby Joyce MP, Deputy Prime Minister and Senator the Hon Fiona Nash, Minister for Regional Development, released a statement advising "The $18.3 million RDA Committee program supports the Australian Government commitment to strong, confident and vibrant regions. The RDA Committees will have an active and facilitative role in their communities with a clear focus on delivering local jobs, attracting investment and building economic growth in their regions.

"The RDA Committee program provides a network of 55 committees of community leaders, working to strengthen Australia's regions and build stronger communities. They achieve this by enhancing economic development opportunities and fostering effective communication between communities, business and all three spheres of government.

"The Australian Government is continuing the RDA Committee program, providing $74.3 million for the period 2017-18 to 2020-21. Current funding agreements have been extended until 31 Dec 2017. Key tasks for RDA Committees include maintaining three to five year regional plans and advising on critical issues affecting economic development, as well as priority activities to drive economic development in their regions. RDA Committees also assist local community stakeholders to develop project proposals, identify appopriate funding sources and promote Australian Government programs."

The Coalition Government is investing almost $500 million through the 2017-18 budget in regional infrastructure and community initiatives. This commitment includes boosting the Building Better Regions Fund (BBRF) by $200 million, which will bring the total funding available to $497 million.

The Regional Australia Ministerial Taskforce has considered several new initiatives for this year's Budget and will continue to ensure the Government has a coordinated approach to regional policy. New measures resulting from the Taskforce include:


  • $9.1 million for Medicare funded psychological services via telehealth
  • A process for public sector decentralisation
  • $15 million for regional study hubs
  • $24 million for Rural and Regional Enterprise Scholarships
  • Our Plan for Manufacturing in Regional Australia


For further information about these initiatives and other new measures handed down in the Budget, please visit www.budget.gov.au

With this Budget advice now received, RDA Gold Coast are finalising their 2017-2020 Regional Plan and will also look foward to releasing an updated version of their Regional Profile which will incorporate statistics from the 2016 Census.

For further information please contact our Executive Officer, Ian Pritchard, 0431 402 919 or eo@rdagoldcoast.org.au




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