2013-16 Regional Plan Posted on May 10, 2017

The 2013-2016 Regional Roadmap - now known as the Regional Plan - was approved by the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development late December 2013.

You can download a copy of the document here. If you would like a hard copy, please email admin@rdagoldcoast.org.au

The Regional Plan responds to the current circumstances facing the region and incorporate feedback from Gold Coast community leaders. In addition it aligns with the Australian Government goal of supporting the regions, the State Government's focus on growing a Four Pillar Economy through focusing on tourism, agriculture, resources and construction, cutting red tape, regulation and driving job opportunities. It also aligns with the City of Gold Coast's goal of attracting new business to the city.

As a result of the review of previous Regional Plans, and consultation with stakeholders, RDA Gold Coast has identified priorities on which to focus support:


  • Workforce
  • Sustainable communities
  • Investment and infrastructure
  • Economic diversity
  • Digital economy


RDA Gold Coast is committed to supporting projects that focus on these priorities and will aim to keep a balance between economic, social and environmental factors. However, without the wealth generated through employment in secure and well-paid jobs, it is difficult to build community spirit and to support environmental and lifestyle improvements.

RDA Gold Coast cannot achieve these priorities alone. It was designed to engage and bring together stakeholders and partners who together can make a difference. The key is engagement, collaboration and a focus on common goals.

We plan to focus on key goals when reviewing projects to support:

A connected city - a long term vision is for the region's transport networks and services to be well connected and convenient. Walking, cycling and public transport will be viable options for getting around the city. Transport plays a major role in keeping us physically connected to work, leisure and services. Moving around the city and outside of the city with ease is important to the liveability of the Gold Coast and the sustainability of our environment.

A digital city - The Gold Coast will harness the resources and capabilities of its educational institutions, increasingly-educated workforce and enabling technologies such as the high speed broadband to take advantage of emerging technologies os as to be positioned as a modern economy and which  businesses and residents embrace digital and communication technologies to produce better economic, educational and health outcomes for the city.

A liveable city - The Gold Coast for many years has been a destination of choice for people ot settle in due to its obvious lifestyle attraction. The challenge of becoming Australia's largest non-capital city and addressing the urbanisation challenges whilst retaining its attractiveness and appeal to existing and potential residents is an essential goal for the region.

A competitive city - The Gold Coast will compete with other Australian and SE Asian destinations for business investment. Its liveability attractiveness provides a distinct advantage over other destinations but the region will provide a climate conducive to investment, business start-up and innovation.

These areas are inter-linked and cannot be viewed in isolation.

This Regional Plan is a practical, clear plan for the growth and development of our region. It provides practical solutions to the needs of the region and informs government of the priorities for the region. It encourages working together to build upon regional development strengths and opportunities.

Finally, a critical element that has emerged through the consultation process is the issue of regionalisation. This Regional Plan highlights some of the regionally signficant opportunities that exist within our region and welcome discussions around initiatives to advance these projects.

Our vision for the Gold Coast

To be a region internationally recognised and supported by a broad economic base, attractive to business and individuals and offers education, business and lifestyle opportunities.



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