Building Better Regions Fund Community Investments Stream

Round 5 of the Community Investments Stream for the Building Better Regions Fund (BBRF) will provide funding to improve community capabilities that provide economic and social benefits to regional and remote areas.

  • OPENS 12 January 2021 at 10am AEDT

  • CLOSES 5 March 2021 at 5pm AEDT

  • Grants of $5000 to $1 million to cover 50% or more of eligible project costs.

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The $1.04 billion BBRF supports the Australian Government’s commitment to:

  • drive economic growth
  • build stronger regional communities into the future.

For Round Five a total of $200 million is available, with $100 million dedicated to tourism-related infrastructure projects.

The Community Investments Stream will fund new or expanded local events, strategic regional plans, or leadership and capability strengthening activities that provide economic and social benefits to regional and remote areas. Infrastructure projects are not eligible under the Community Investments Stream.

For most projects grant funding will be up to either 50% or 75% of your eligible project costs. Your location will determine the percentage of grant funding you can receive.

You may apply for a partial or full exemption to your cash contribution if you can demonstrate that you are experiencing exceptional circumstances.

For small projects with a total grant amount of equal to or less than $20,000, grant funding will be up to 100% of eligible project costs.

Your project will need to deliver economic and social benefits to a regional or remote community.


Role of RDA Gold Coast

Should you wish to discuss your project, please contact the RDA Gold Coast Director of Regional Development, Estella Rodighiero on 0411 558 834 or  


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Letter of Support

RDA Gold Coast will provide a letter of support for projects that will help grow a strong and confident Gold Coast economy, create local jobs or provide social benefits for the region.

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