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Ep 12: Geoff Matthews, SIM-PAC - How we can be the decarbonised industrial powerhouse of the world

(44 mins)

If the challenges that Australia and the world face in addressing climate change and reaching net zero by 2050 fill you with despair, then this podcast will be a welcome tonic. New Gold Coaster Geoff Matthews is an expert in industrial decarbonisation and the Event Director of SIM-PAC - Sustainable Industrial Manufacturing Asia Pacific - an expo for low emission technologies debuting in Brisbane next year and coming to the Gold Coast in 2025 and 2027. In this passionate discussion full of hope, deep knowledge and practical solutions, find out why Geoff can see renewables-rich Australia becoming the decarbonised industrial powerhouse of the world, and how even the smallest businesses can contribute game-changing solutions.

Geoff Matthews, SIM-PAC
About Geoff

Geoff is the Event Director and Partner of Sustainable Industrial Manufacturing Asia Pacific (SIM-PAC), an upcoming showcase of low emission technology for sustainable manufacturing, and the host of SIM-PAC Live. Geoff brings a wealth of international business and event experience to the role, as well as a deep understanding of the issues facing industry as we transition towards net zero. Geoff is widely published on the subject of energy modulation and has authored a number of thought-provoking articles on the decarbonisation of industry. He has also given keynote addresses at many international conferences and is an Advisory Board Member of the Future Aluminium Forum.

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