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Ep 9: Larissa Rose, GG Enviro - Future-proofing the Gold Coast: The sustainability imperative

(46 mins)

How can we work with the growth of the Gold Coast and not against it? How do we retain the dynamic and fast moving character of our city, but embed sustainable business practices and environmental management as core pillars of our economic growth? Larissa Rose, Director of Gold Coast environmental consultancy GG Enviro, has the answers in this broad-ranging interview, which also explores the pathways that took her from a career as a chef to nationally recognised renewable fuel advocate and thought leader in decarbonising our future.

Larissa Rose - Director, GG Enviro
About Larissa

Larissa is a locally and nationally recognised Environmental Consultant who has contributed at a United Nations level. Her leadership in sustainability and environmental management, has seen her advancing policy for the use of renewable fuels in Queensland, while enabling projects opportunities to decarbonise the transport sector. Larissa is a Board Director of the World Bioenergy Association, she sits on the Gold Coast City Heart Taskforce under the portfolio Sustainability and Environment, is an Adjunct Lecturer at Bond University, and Director of GG Enviro, her environmental consultancy company for 13 years on the Gold Coast.

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