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Shay Chalmers

Shay Chalmers

Committee Member

Shay is committed to broadening ideas and opportunities for Australia’s manufacturing industry and is highly accomplished, with a background spanning numerous manufacturing sectors. Recognised by Engineers Australia as one of their Engineering Executives, she is a sought-after industry advisor and leader.

Shay knows Australia is teeming with the intellect and initiative needed to produce high-quality products. A demonstration of her commitment raising the profile of manufacturing and engineering includes her role as Non-Executive Director with NFP organisation, the Queensland Manufacturing Institute, and her various board, advisory and committee positions.

Her work includes helping women achieve successful highly paid careers in technology. Shay’s contribution to Women in STEM, earned her a recognition from Queensland Voices Leaders program, and a selection as one of twenty Queensland women in 2019 who are excelling in their chosen field.

Shay owns and directs Strategic Engineering Australia and offers consulting expertise across a wide range of medical and manufacturing applications. From setting up a manufacturing facility to developing and deploying new systems, Shay’s ample experience enables her to intimately understand the entire manufacturing ecosystem.

Her message is simple and clear: “The state of manufacturing has changed, and we need to change with it.”