Regional Data Hub

Connecting Australians to data and insights about their communities

The Australian Government's Regional Data Hub is a resource to support decision makers and data users across regional Australia.

Designed to cater for both the experienced and beginner data user, the Hub has three core functions:

  • A searchable data catalogue to make it easier to find data resources
  • Data insights, dashboards and interactive maps to explore data visually
  • Educational resources to assist users who are new to data

Potential examples of use of the Hub could include:

  • A regional resident accessing data to build a case for why a playground is needed in their area (e.g. young people numbers)
  • A regional organisation researching unemployment rates to inform their future work strategies
  • A regional council collating data for a grant funding opportunity in their area

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Find regional data with an extensive and easy to use data catalogue



Explore regional data through the interactive maps, tools and dashboards



Learn about data and the resources on the hub with a range of educational material


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