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Ep 10: James Gilmour, Gilmour Space - Visionary Gold Coast aerospace company on a mission to be the 'FedEx of space delivery'

(33 mins)

Many Gold Coast locals would be surprised to learn that Helensvale is home to the first privately-owned aerospace company in Australia, co-founded by pioneering Brisbane brothers Adam and James Gilmour a decade ago. Gilmour Space is a truly stunning Gold Coast success story; it's now the largest space tech employer in Australia, with over 190 full-time staff, and on the cusp of launching their revolutionary LLV Eris rocket, utilising hybrid propulsion technology (greener than conventional liquid or solid fuel rockets).

In this podcast, James and Estella dive into the Gilmour Space story; with 20,000 small satellites needing to be launched worldwide in the next decade, and not enough launch capability to meet demand, Gilmour Space's ambition is to be the 'FedEx of space delivery', affordably launching satellites into Low Earth Orbit. This is also a story of resilience; James says the weight of the all the 'no's' they have received on their journey could sink a battleship. Don't miss this one! 

James Gilmour, Co-founder Gilmour Space
About James

James Gilmour is Co-founder, Director, and Head of Launch Operations at Gilmour Space. James has over 15 years of experience in marketing, business development and operations in Australia and Singapore. James led and was instrumental in driving Gilmour's engagement with government, academia, and industry. Today, he’s responsible for launch site development and operations for Gilmour's launch vehicles. James also holds other positions dedicated to furthering Australia's contributions in space and is in the Advisory Council for the Space Industry Association of Australia (SIAA); and a Director at the National Space Society Of Australia (NSSA).

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