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Shaun Roux, BiomeCentric - Skincare & cosmetics is a $100 billion global mega-industry, but a revolution is underway

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Before you put another product on your face, this is a podcast you won't want to miss! Skincare and cosmetics is a $100 billion global mega-industry, but a revolution is underway - one which will upend everything (we think) we know about what is good for our skin. This week we chat with Shaun Roux, the Director of Gold Coast-based biotech company BiomeCentric, which is leading the charge to empower skincare and beauty manufacturers with a new science-based approach to their product ingredients and manufacturing processes. The key - made possible by advances in DNA sequencing over the last two decades - is understanding the diverse microbiome of the skin and scalp, and how products can either destroy or support this critical ecosystem of microflora. And with BiomeCentric now positioned to be a global juggernaut, supplying bioactive ingredients and products to beauty brands worldwide, this is a true Gold Coast success story.

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Shaun Roux, BiomeCentric

About Shaun

Shaun Roux is the Director of BiomeCentric, leveraging over a decade of experience as the former Head of Production at BJP Laboratories. He excels in leading cross-functional teams, driving innovation, and fostering a strong business culture. Shaun's expertise includes technical leadership, managing complex projects and international collaborations. As the General Manager for Probiotics Australia, he played a key role in shaping the probiotic industry in Australia through the transfer of biotechnologies. Shaun is known for his strategic vision and commitment to excellence, consistently delivering results and driving growth in the companies he leads.

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