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Ep 2: Dr Chris Davis, Institute for Glycomics - The Gold Coast biotech revolution

(25 mins)

How did the Gold Coast go from zero biotech companies 20 years ago, to an industry powerhouse for pharmaceuticals, vaccines, medical devices and biotech in 2023, not to mention the largest regional city in Australia for the delivery of clinical trials? Griffith University's Institute for Glycomics here on the Gold Coast has been absolutely foundational to this exponential biotech growth, and our guest Dr Chris Davis, General Manager at the Institute, has an incredible story to tell about how we got here, and what opportunities lie ahead for the Gold Coast.

Dr Chris Davis - General Manager, Institute for Glycomics
About Chris

Dr Chris Davis obtained a PhD in synthetic medicinal chemistry from the Institute for Glycomics on the Gold Coast before launching his career in the private biotech sector, negotiating technology deals with pharmaceutical and biotech companies globally. In 2009 he returned to the Institute as General Manager, where he leads a group of professionals dedicated to the strategic and operational development of the Institute, covering domestic and international business strategy, technology commercialisation and general Institute operations. The primary focus of the Institute is developing and translating its drug, vaccine and diagnostic inventions into health, social and economic benefit, locally and globally.

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