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Ep 4: Amanda Bulow, AWIC - Connecting & empowering women in construction

(29 mins)

Amanda Bulow grew up on a farm in Ipswich where there were no ‘girl jobs' and ‘boy jobs' – just jobs (and you got them done!). That formative experience of equality undoubtedly had an influence on her career trajectory. Straight out of uni (and with some chutzpah), she seized an early career opportunity to move into the male-dominated construction industry, forging a path in estimating and procurement. While she was supported by her mainly male bosses and colleagues, Amanda still felt a need for connection with other women working in the construction industry. In this podcast you’ll hear the awesome story of ⁠Awesome Women in Construction⁠ - the not-for-profit organisation she founded - and how it’s grown to provide unparalleled networking, advocacy, camaraderie and learning resources for women (and girls) across the Gold Coast, SEQ and nationally.

Amanda Bulow, CEO AWIC
About Amanda

Amanda Bulow is a well-connected construction industry professional with over 20 years’ experience. Her extensive knowledge in procurement, sales and production estimating has assisted numerous organisations in streamlining their business, finding efficiencies and improving results. 

Amanda is the Founder and CEO ofAwesome Women in Construction⁠ (AWIC), and she continues to provide a space for women to come together to learn, connect and share while leading the growth of the construction industry. Her support, advocacy and education of small businesses and women in the construction industry is a strong focus.

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