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Nathan Burns, Blockchain Collective - Get aboard the tidal wave of tech change (& start paddling like hell)

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Tech entrepreneur and educator Nathan Burns was an early adopter of cryptocurrencies, but it was the underlying technology - blockchain - that really lit a fire in him. Nathan immediately recognised the myriad of potential applications for solving problems and creating efficiencies across almost all industries, and dove in to become an early blockchain expert and advocate. He is now the Co-founder and CEO of the Blockchain Collective, a globally recognised blockchain training hub on the Gold Coast, which offers Australia's first and only accredited diploma courses to help businesses and individuals leverage this emerging technology's incredible potential. Blockchain allows digital information to be recorded and distributed quickly, with trust at its core - it can't be altered or hacked. And with AI currently dominating the headlines, Nathan's technology insights are hugely relevant; find out why we need to get aboard the tidal wave of technology change and 'start paddling like hell' - or get washed away.

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Nathan Burns, Blockchain Collective

About Nathan

Nathan Burns is the Founder and CEO of Blockchain Collective, an education company that creates emerging technology curriculum, with accredited courses such as the Diploma of Applied Blockchain, Diploma of Applied Blockchain merging Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, and the Advanced Diploma of Applied Blockchain, as well as technical short courses designed to build the skills for the future technology workforce. He also maintains active roles in a variety of companies across software development, fintech, blockchain and decentralised banking. Nathan advises and has interest in a number of start-ups.

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