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Ep 8: Brett James, Southport Yacht Club - Superyachts of the mega-rich & their mega-benefits for the Gold Coast

(28 mins)

This week's podcast guest, Southport Yacht Club General Manager Brett James, takes us through the truly eye-popping economic benefits that the 2022 opening of the Superyacht Berth has brought to the Gold Coast. With the Yacht Club now able to cater to vessels up to 135 metres, the Gold Coast has become Australia's number one superyacht destination. And whenever a superyacht docks - do they ever spend! It's nothing for a vessel to outlay $5000 a day...  just on fresh flowers. A single superyacht can generate more local economic benefit than an entire commercial cruise ship. Get an insight into this truly mind-boggling world, and what it means for the future of the Gold Coast.

Brett James - General Manager, Southport Yacht Club
About Brett

Brett James is the General Manager of Southport Yacht Club, a not-for-profit association with over 150 employees. Comprising of four venues, SYC is currently Queensland’s largest yacht club.

A former professional golfer, Brett has over 20 years’ experience in hospitality and sport management.

Brett is also a Board member of the Southport Chamber of Commerce, Clubs Queensland, RDA Gold Coast, the Gold Coast Regional Jobs Committee, with a great vision in sustainable and consistent growth for the Gold Coast.

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