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Ludwina Dautovic, The Room Xchange - Tech trailblazer creating the housing market's new 'Third Option'

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There are 13.5 million unused spare rooms in Australia, across 10 million households. Always ahead of the curve, entrepreneur Ludwina Dautovic spotted an opportunity and six years ago established The Room Xchange, Australia's first ID-verified house-sharing platform. The cutting-edge technology at its core matches households and housemates based on values, personality and lifestyle, with options to rent or rent offset (household help in lieu of rent). It's a concept that's time has surely come, creating a new 'Third Option' (after buying or renting) as we grapple with an unprecedented housing crisis. This fascinating conversation encompasses issues of housing affordability and sustainability, how The Room Xchange was born and has evolved, what makes it work, its potential in country areas (especially during events), future plans and more.

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Ludwina Dautovic, The Room Xchange

About Ludwina

Ludwina's journey to CEO of The Room Xchange was fueled by a desire to revolutionise the housing landscape. Drawing from her extensive business background, she recognised the need for a disruptive solution in the housing market. The Room Xchange was born from this vision, leveraging cutting-edge technology to connect people, bridge generational gaps and address the challenges of housing affordability. Under Ludwina's leadership, The Room Xchange has become a trailblazer in the real estate space, pioneering a platform that aims to become Real Estate’s 'Third Option'. Her commitment to innovation, combined with her dedication to social impact, has propelled the company to the forefront of the industry. 

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